Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference
Calgary, Alberta
2023 - Date to be determined

About the Conference

12th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference

 Working Landscapes

The 12th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference will be a forum to discuss the latest issues, information, research and trends in the conservation of prairie landscapes, species, and species at risk. The conference is held every three years in a Canadian Prairie Province.

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Who Should Attend?

The conference will be promoted widely among the conservation community in western Canada, in Ottawa and in the northern Great Plains region of the U.S., and will recieve local, provincial, national and international exposure.

The participants will include decision-makers, researchers, academics, field personnel, consultants, industry representatives, volunteers, representatives from the public sector, NGOs, Indigenous groups, provincial and federal environment and natural resource department staff, private organizations, community and farm-based organizations and interested individuals. It's estimated approximately 300 delegates are expected to attend.

Conference Structure

  • Welcoming and networking sessions for delegates
  • Two days of plenary and break-out sessions
  • Poster session highlighting research and project results
  • Banquet and awards ceremony

Be sure to attend!