Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference
Calgary, Alberta
February 21-23, 2023



Congratulations to this years winners of the Prairie Conservation Award and the Young Proffesional Stewardship Grant!

The two main awards presented at the Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference are the Prairie Conservation Awards and the Young Professional Stewardship Grant.

The Prairie Conservation Awards are granted to a deserving recipient from each of the three Prairie Provinces once every three years, in recognition of significant long-term contributions to native habitat or species at risk conservation. More information about the Prairie Conservation Awards can be found here. The deadline had been extended. All nominations must be received by January 19, 2023

The Young Professional Stewardship Grant promotes future work to achieve success with prairie conservation and endangered species management. The Young Professional Stewardship Grant is for professional or aspiring conservationists between the ages of 18-30 who live and/or work in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.  Applicants from various disciplines are encouraged to apply and do not need to be enrolled in, or be a graduate of, an academic institution. More information about the Young Professional Stewardship Grant can be found here. The Application can be found here.


Young Professional Stewardship Grant

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Recipient: Michael Skinner

Project: Planting the seed: Teaching prairie restoration to the public

Michael will be producing an online course to teach the general public about native prairie restoration for beginners to recreate functional habitat for pollinators and other species that utilize native prairie. Fund from this grant will help support the development and implementation of this course.


Recipient: Jordan Rustad

Project: Motus Migratory Bird Tracking System at the Last Mountain Bird Observatory (LMBO)

LMBO will be banding birds with an electronic monitoring system to provide data on migratory bird patterns. Funds from this grant will go to support Jordan’s salary as the field manager for this project.


Recipient: Brielle Reidlinger

Project: Impact of Grazing Management on Grassland Songbird and Plant Communities

Brielle is researching different grazing regimes and their impact on vegetation structure and grassland songbird abundance as part of her Master’s studies. Funds from this grant will go to support her Master’s degree.


Prairie Conservation Awards

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Recipient: Janet Moore


Recipient: Renny Grilz


Recipient: Paul Jones