Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference
Winnipeg, Manitoba
February 19 - 21, 2019

The Prairie Conservation Awards

The Prairie Conservation Award is granted to a deserving recipient from each of the three Prairie Provinces once every three years, in recognition of significant long-term contributions to native habitat or species at risk conservation.  Awards will be presented at the 11th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Individuals from any walk of life, organizations or Aboriginal groups can be nominated for this award.

Five criteria have been used in the evaluation of nominations for the Prairie Conservation Award:

1) Relationship of achievements to the conservation or understanding of native habitat or endangered species within the Prairies Ecozone.

2) Demonstration of exceptional commitment or innovation (above and beyond normal livelihood expectations).

3) Demonstration of enduring commitment.

4) Significance of the accomplishment in terms of results.

5) Extent to which granting of an award to this nominee will help native habitat conservation and endangered species efforts within the Prairies Ecozone.

Nominations should ideally include a resume or curriculum vitae accompanied by a letter outlining the significant contributions to native habitat or endangered species conservation of the nominated individual. Nominations are received and evaluated within in each province and submitted to the Awards Committee of the Conference Organizing Committee.

More information about the Prairie Conservation Award can be found here.

The nominination deadline is November 30, 2015.

Nominations should be sent to the following individuals in their respective provinces:


Brandy Downey, Alberta Environment and Parks

Ph: (403) 381-5526

Fax: (403) 381-5723


Kayla Balderson Burak, PCAP Manager

Ph: (306) 352-0472  

Fax: (306) 569-8799


Chris Friesen, Manitoba Conservation Data Centre

Ph: (204) 945-7747

Fax: (204) 045-3077