Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference
Calgary, Alberta
2023 - Date to be determined

Conference Sponsors

We look forward to working with the sponsors of the 12th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference: Working Landscapes!


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Funding is provided in part by the Canada and Manitoba governments through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Web Canada Beef

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  Web Man Government


Web Transcanada


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 Web True North


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U Of M

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Association of Manitoba Community Pastures

Bird Studies Canada 

Manitoba Hydro

Nature Manitoba

Nature Saskatchewan

Prairie Originals

 Red River Basin Commission and Chapters

The Manitoba Museum

Truax Company



                                        Wednesday a.m.Health Break                      

                                    Sunterra Horticulture (Canada) Inc.


                                        Environmental Studies and Sciences,
                                                   University of Winnipeg

                                       Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project

                                  The Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company

                                       The Wildlife Society, Manitoba Chapter