Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference
Winnipeg, Manitoba
February 19 - 21, 2019

Oral Presentation Guidelines

PDF of Information for Presenters

The 11th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference Committee recognizes the importance of addressing the breadth and depth of information related to prairie & species conservation so we are once again offering themed, concurrent sessions. As such, the committee has implemented a general guideline for oral presentations; they are expected to be approximately 15 minutes long, with 5 additional minutes for questions.

Please submit your oral presentations to before 11:00 PM on Friday, February 12. The presentations will be loaded onto the computers in each concurrent room for you but remember - it is always good practice to bring your own backup! If you do not submit your presentation by this date, you will be responsible for finding the A/V representative to put your presentation on the proper computer IN ADVANCE of the concurrent session that you are taking part in.

The PC computers in the concurrent session rooms operate with Microsoft Office Suite 2010 applications (PC, not MAC based) – it is the responsibility of the presenter to ensure that your presentation is compatible with our current operating system.