Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference
Calgary, Alberta
February 21-24, 2023

Poster Presentation Guidelines

For a pdf of the poster presentation guidelines, please click here

The North Centennial Ballroom will be open Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00 pm. Please have posters set up and ready no later than 9:00 pm Tuesday, or by 8:15 am on Wednesday morning. Posters will be mounted to the panel using push pins (no tape).  Presenters are advised to bring their own supply of push pins.  Posters must be removed by the end of the day on Thursday. Any posters that are not removed will be disposed of by conference volunteers.

Each poster must be no more than 3.5 ft (42 inches) high x 3.5 ft (42 inches) wide. There will be two posters on each side of the poster board, so please be neighborly and keep your poster to within those dimensions! Poster boards will be numbered according to the assigned number in the poster session portion of the conference program (available at at a later date). Please make sure that the title of your poster is the same as that of your abstract, and that you include the names of all your contributing authors.

The main text of the poster should be legible from a distance of 2 m (approximately 6.5 feet). Limit your presentation to key points that will convey the issue or research question, any methods or plans to address it, the outcomes experienced or expected, and the key take-home messages. Figures, tables, and photos should be used support or enhance the poster content.

Posters will be available for viewing all day Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure that you are present to discuss your poster on Wednesday from 4:20 – 6:00 pm. Do not leave any valuables unattended in the poster room as it will not be locked or supervised at all times during the conference.