Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference
Calgary, Alberta
February 21-24, 2023

Poster Directory

(Presenters in bold)

  Poster Title Authors
1 Management Planning for a Plains Bison Conservation Herd Mike Burak 
2 Balancing the Needs of Critical Habitat and Grazing Management: Livestock Water   Development on Sage Grouse Emergency Protection Order Lands Tom Harrison; Robin Bloom; Beatriz Prieto and Krista Connick Todd
3  A conspicuous absence of haemosporidian parasites in grassland songbirds of the Northern Great Plains Paulson G. Des Brisay; Chelsea Enslow and Nicola Koper
4 Reducing Wildlife Risk: Wildlife Habitat Sensitivity Map for the Renewable Energy Sector in Alberta Brandy Downey; Kristin Cline; Glenn Mack; Patrick Wensveen; Oriano Castelli and Blair Watke
5 Restoring Grassland Habitat in Alberta’s Sagebrush Ecosystem: The Silver Sage Success Story  Brad Downey and Phillip Rose
6 The Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas: Putting Saskatchewan’s Birds on the Map  Kiel Drake; LeeAnn Latremouille; Denis Lepage; Andrew Couturier and Catherine Jardine
7 A Practical Approach to Developing a Land Parcel-based Multiple Species At Risk Management, Research, Recovery and Land Management Decision Support Tool Melissa A. Grantham and Cary D. Hamel
8 Who are the champions? Assessment of current conservation response to globally rare species in Manitoba. Lisa Greaves; Cary D. Hamel; Jordan Becker; Stephen Gietz; Melissa Grantham; Rebekah Neufeld and Chris Friesen
9 SARA Permitting Paul Gregoire
10 European Buckthorn – You Might Already Have It Renny W. Grilz and Eryn Tomlinson
11 Ornamentals Gone Wild – New invaders in the South Saskatchewan River Valley Renny W. Grilz and Eryn Tomlinson
12 Prescribed Burning: Just What the (Range) Doctor Ordered Renny W. Grilz and Eryn Tomlinson
13 Meewasin Valley-wide Resource Management Plan Renny W. Grilz and Eryn Tomlinson
14 Climate adaptation of biodiversity conservation strategies for Manitoba’s tall-grass prairie Cary D. Hamel and Phil Gerla
15 Where are Ord’s Kangaroo Rat populations in Saskatchewan and are they still connected? Jessus Karst
16 Valley of Grass: Conservation Efforts in the Grasslands of the Souris River Valley Lacy Kontzie
17 Restoration Assessment of Cultivated Fields Reseeded to Perennial Grasses at Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area Joseph Kotlar 
18 Big Valley MAPS: NCC-SK’s First Bird Banding Station  Sarah Ludlow and Ryan Dudragne 
19 Public Pastures - Public Interest: A Vision for Multi-Use,  Publicly-Owned Grasslands in Saskatchewan Kristen Martin and Joanne Havelock
20 Insects and spiders in the fall diet of plains sharp-tailed grouse Sejer Meyhoff; Scott Bazinet and Dan Johnson
21 Raptor Nest Cameras – Engaging and Educating the Public about Species at Risk in Alberta Adam Moltzahn
22 MULTISAR – Empowering Landowners to Conserve Habitat for Species at Risk Applying Proven Strategies to Develop a Customized Management Plan for Producers in Southern Alberta, Canada  Lee Moltzahn and Mike Verhage
23 Managing for Diversity on MHHC Lands Tom Moran and Kasie McLaughlin
24 Habitat Restoration – Is it worth it? Maria Neumann and Scott Beaton
25 Developing a conservation land management approach to Riddell’s goldenrod (Oligoneuron riddellii) recovery in Manitoba Levi J. Newediuk; Cary Hamel and Julie Pelc
26 Development of two scales of pollinator habitat assessments to support conservation decision-making Marika Olynyk; Diana Wilton and Cary Hamel
27 Ellis Bird Farm – A Success Story Myrna Pearman
28 Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program: Integrating species at risk conservation and agricultural land management. Heather Peat Hamm
29 Citizen and government collaboration enable Saskatchewan’s first province-wide breeding Ferruginous Hawk survey. Beatriz Prieto; Jessus Karst; Andrea Benville; Ryan Fisher; Janet Ng and Jeff Keith
30 The value of an integrative approach to understanding wolf (Canis lupus) ecology in managed landscapes Christina M. Prokopenko; Katrien Kingdon; Sana Zabihi-Seissan; Daniel Dupont; Vanessa B. Harriman and Eric Vander Wal
31 The Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan (SK- PCAP):   Framework 2019-2023. Diego Steinaker; Orin Balas; Caitlin Mroz; Julie-Anne Howe; Carolyn Gaudet; Chad MacPherson; Mary Brick; Jordan Ignatiuk; Beatriz Prieto and Heather Facette
32 Climate and grazing effects on root biomass in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta grasslands. Diego Steinaker; Scott Wilson; Bradley Pinno; Edward Bork; Shannon White and James Cahill, Jr.
33 Species at Risk Protection in the Prairies A.F. Joy Stevens
34 Invasive Weed Management in the Native Prairie Landscape in Southwest Saskatchewan Melanie Toppi; Jamie & Marie Hansen and Stacy & Yvonne Smith
35 Restoration of Sagebrush Grassland for Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan Autumn Watkinson; Dr M Anne Naeth and Dr Shelley Pruss
36 SAR tool for producers  Paul Watson; Francois Blouin; Robin Bloom; David Johns; John Wilmshurst; Brenda Dale; Peg Strankman and Ron McNeil
37 Last Mountain Bird Observatory Lacey Weekes
38 Annual Dispersal of Endangered Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia): The effects on survival estimates in a migratory population Morganne Wall, Erin Bayne and Troy Wellicome
39 Pronghorn Xing:Citizen Scientist's help conserve fastest animal in Canada Danah Duke; Megan Jensen; Paul Jones and Andrew Jakes
40 Join the Dark Night: Nocturnal Preserves Laura Griffin and Maureen Luchsinger
41 The Manitoba Trails Project: Connecting Manitobas to nature through recreation and technology Jordan Becker
42 Long-distance Migration of Burrowing Owls Across Western North America Troy I. Wellicome; Courtney J. Conway; David H. Johnson; Julie L. Conley; David R.W. Bruinsma; Carl G. Lundblad; Sharilyn M. Westworth and Ryan J. Fisher 
43 Swollen proventriculus in male bumble bees (Bombus spp.) may add another piece to the pathogen puzzle Kirsten Palmier; Andrew D. S. Cameron and Cory S. Sheffield
44 Transboundary Grasslands Partnership Sasha Herriott; Linda Cerney; Kevin Ellison and Diego Steinaker